Henry J. Smith

Inventor, scientist and business executive.

Ph.D. in Medical Immunology from the University of Leeds School of Medicine, Leeds, England.

Published the first description of “an innate immune response to cancer” (British Journal of Cancer. 1966).

Co-founder of several biotech companies:

Advanced Prenatal Therapeutics Inc.; NanoSmart Pharmaceuticals Inc.; and Epinex Diagnostics Inc.

  • Advanced Prenatal Therapeutics is developing an apheresis treatment for preeclampsia. The company has received a “Breakthrough Device” designation by FDA for its targeted apheresis device to treat preeclampsia.
  • NanoSmart Pharmaceuticals is developing tumor targeting biopharmaceuticals. The company has received “Orphan Drug” designation by FDA for two of its tumor targeting drugs to treat Ewing’s Sarcoma in children.
  • Epinex Diagnostics is widely recognized as a leader in developing diagnostic assays for glycated albumin and other monitoring tests in diabetes.

Dr. Smith holds a number of patents issued and pending including:

  • A vaccine to treat viral pandemics
  • A vaccine to treat influenza A
  • A cancer vaccine